Repair Work Orders (RWOs)

If an electronic device cannot be used, RWOs offer a simple bridge between the physical leak repair and the app


  • Automatically generates printable work orders containing all required leak details
  • Repair details can be entered manually on RWOs where electronic devices are not permitted
  • Reference RWOs back to the SMS app via QR code making it simple to enter the repair details
  • Print RWOs in bulk for an entire site or for an entire leak timeline (such as leaks due in 15-29 days)
  • Generate RWO PDFs or print directly from within SMS app

RWOs Offer Simple Manual Repair Entry

Our experience in the industry has taught us that it’s not always possible to bring electronic devices onto a site, whether it be permitting issues or a contractor’s preference to work on paper. SMS offers the ability to print out physical Repair Work Orders (RWOs) which include all necessary leak details and a blank section to record the repair details for manual entry at a later time.

A great feature of SMS is that everything is related back to the SMS app via QR code. This integration exists for RWOs, meaning that once a repair is completed the Administrator entering the repair details can simply scan the QR code to load the workflow for that leak. There’s no searching a dashboard by location trying to find a tag number, just scan the QR code and enter the repair details without any hassle.

RWO Example in PDF Viewer

Download or print off a copy of the example RWO for evaluation from the PDF viewer below.

Print an Entire Location or Timeline’s RWOs Easily

Administrators and those with repair permissions can print RWOs individually or by bulk selection via the location and timeline leak listings. Up to 100 leaks can be selected at a time to generate RWOs. If PDF export is selected, all RWOs from said leaks will be included in the created PDF document. If printing is selected, all RWOs from the selected leaks will be included in the print queue and printed off sequentially. Bulk selection makes issuing RWOs to the field extremely efficient as all RWOs for the day can be generated and printed in a single batch.

Printing RWOs for all leaks due within 8-14 days, all 9 RWOs are included in the generated print preview