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Select a date below for a demonstration of Screening Made Simple (SMS). As we are experiencing high demand for SMS please forgive us if we must reschedule your demo, we aim to deliver demonstrations within 1-2 business days of the desired date if we are unable to meet the originally scheduled date.

In the meantime, please refer to our Product Tour which includes explanations of most features of SMS along with screenshots and short videos demonstrating these features.

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    Does SMS require the use of admin dashboards or spreadsheets?

    No dashboards, web browsers or spreadsheets necessary! SMS was designed to be fully in app, meaning all features and functions of the software are available to users without ever having to leave SMS.

    Is SMS sold in tiered plans like Basic and Pro?

    No, each copy of SMS is fully functional and any additional features introduced to all customers will be included in your version as well! There is never any need to upgrade your plan.

    Does SMS require routine visits to the oil wells?

    SMS works best when incorporated into the schedules of employees who routinely visit the affected oil wells. However, SMS works equally as well and provides massive benefits in efficiency and cost for those companies who will still need to schedule specific visits to these wells.

    Is a constant Internet connection required for SMS to function?

    No, SMS is designed to be fully functional without Internet-connectivity for remote sites where connectivity is unavailable. Internet connectivity is only required to sync the device before going out to the field.

    Is SMS designed to be utilized internally or by third party contractors?

    SMS is designed to leverage existing staff to perform well screenings instead of relying on surveys or screenings performed by contractors.

    We of course understand that not all facets of a LDAR program may be internalizable and as such SMS can facilitate the use of third parties such as repair contractors.

    Is SMS built on an extensible platform?

    SMS is just the first module built on top of the Industrial-Strength Data Rig (ISDR) foundation we’ve created. The ISDR encapsulates the general (or core) functionalities all modules need such as secure storage and data syncing, user authentication, etc. and allows for specific modules to be built upon it.