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Screening Made Simple (SMS) is a product of 7 years’ experience developing software for the Alberta oil industry and 5 years’ experience collecting field data for Directive 060 compliance. SMS is the most efficient and effective screening tool built as lessons learned from over 30 field technicians collecting over 20,000 fugitive leaks have been incorporated into its design.

The unique design of SMS (combined with the accessibility of AVO and soap screenings) allows companies to utilize existing staff to screen wells instead of relying upon expensive third party contractors. Wells screened with SMS meet the same level of compliance as wells screened or surveyed by third party contractors yet the cost of using SMS is on average 85% less. In addition, companies that routinely screen their wells will find further value due to the preventative nature of routine inspections.

Most features are covered below; however, some aspects of the user interface and common features are excluded. Please request a demo today to go over all facets of Screening Made Simple.


Security & Maintenance

Industrial-Strength Security

SMS was built to incorporate all security best practices; we’re committed to security transparency with our clients

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Secure API & Private Cloud

No data or media is ever exposed to the public internet, instead a secure API handles all client transactions

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User Role-Based Permissions

User roles simplify LDAR by ensuring the right users are recording leaks, fixing leaks and reporting on fugitive leaks

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Zero Maintenance

SMS maintains each device to ensure users have the relevant data they need in the field and face no downtime

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Automation & Efficiency

Bulk Repairs & Leak Assignments

Select multiple leaks to repair or assign them to a repairman in one easy step, bulk selections can be made by location or timeline

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Delayed Leaks & Follow-up Observations

Tracking & monitoring unfixable fugitive leaks is straight-forward with SMS leak delays and follow-up observations

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Device Compatibility

SMS is flexible and can run on any mobile device (iOS or Android phones and tablets) from 2017 onward

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Directive 060 Reporting

SMS supports all Directive 060 well screening compliance reporting requirements with just a couple clicks

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Fugitive Mapping & Route Planning

Quickly map a selection of leaks, a date range of leaks or a single leak to easily plan the most efficient repair route

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Leak Assignments & Repair Prioritization

Assigning and prioritizing fugitive leaks reduces admin effort and ensures leaks are fixed faster, assigned leaks are “set and forget”

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Quick Fix Leaks

Speed up repairs while ensuring full compliance by utilizing tagless repairs in the field

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Time & Location Based Fugitive Tracking

Referencing leaks by physical location or due date makes administering leak repairs simpler, and ensures leaks are repaired much faster.

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Connectivity & Leak Linkages

One-Click Sync

A single click is all it takes to sync up all offline data collected

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QR & Color-Coded Field Tags

QR Codes allow users to walk up to any leak on a well site and load it instantly in the app, no more searching for leaks

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Repair Work Orders (RWOs)

If an electronic device cannot be used, RWOs offer a simple bridge between the physical leak repair and the app

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