Directive 060 Reporting

SMS supports all Directive 060 well screening compliance reporting requirements with just a couple clicks


  • One-click yearly Fugitives Report and Volume Mass Report for Directive 060 compliance
  • Configure emission factors for fugitive leaks by component and sub-component
  • AVO Screening Checklists are available for all Audio, Visual, and Olfactory screenings
  • Screening reports (Appendix 13 of Directive 060) are fully automated and available for every screening
  • Generate PDFs or print directly from within SMS app

Yearly Directive 060 Reporting in Just a Few Clicks

SMS collects all data it requires to automatically generate the Directive 060 yearly reports, namely the Fugitives Report and the Volume Mass Report for all oil wells screened within SMS. All emission factors required to convert specific component/sub-component leaks to emissions volumes are configurable by client; this ensures SMS reports predictable volumes that match your other compliance reporting.

Example of generating the Directive 060 yearly compliance reporting from within SMS

Screening Reports & AVO Screening Checklists in Seconds

Directive 060 requires that Screening Reports (as per Appendix 13 of Directive 060) must be made available on demand. SMS makes generating a report as simple as selecting the year and site and clicking generate report. Reports are fully automated from the data SMS collects and require zero human interaction to produce. Likewise, when performing Audio, Visual, and Olfactory (AVO) screenings it is important to have a record of the screening performed and documentation of each leak found for each AVO check performed. As such AVO Checklists are also producible automatically by SMS with little effort and no human interaction required.

Demonstrating the generation of a Screening Report that found an unlit flare
Demonstrating the generation of an AVO Screening Checklist which found two leaks, one by visible vapour and one by odour

Print Directly From SMS to Office Printers or PDF

SMS offers the ability to generate in-app print previews which can be sent directly to networked printers, or can be exported from the app to PDF files for sharing. All printing or exporting of PDFs is done in-app, users never need to leave SMS to complete these tasks.

An example of printing to a networked printer and printing to a PDF file saved on device