Quick Fix Leaks

Speed up repairs while ensuring full compliance by utilizing tagless repairs in the field


  • Create a new leak and repair entry simultaneously without needing a field tag and with minimal user interaction
  • Cuts documentation efforts on field repairs to almost zero, ensures all leaks and repairs are documented as required by Directive 060
  • Quick Fix permission is limited to only those users who have permission to record and repair leaks
  • Quick Fix records are automatically cleaned up upon syncing the device and can be synced down again by including historical site records (repairs)

Compliance & Efficiency Combined

We often notice a lack of compliance in LDAR programs relating to quick repairs being performed without the underlying leak being documented. SMS addresses this issue by allowing those with operator and repairman permissions to ‘Quick Fix’ a leak. A quick fix leak does not require a field tag as the leak is being found and repaired in the same screening visit. Said leak only requires a unique identifier and must be stored and maintained in a database. SMS’ quick fix functionality takes care of all of these compliance requirements while providing the user of the app with the quickest possible approach to documenting the leak and repair.

SMS removes any excuse for not documenting the leak and repair as creating a Quick Fix entry only takes a matter of seconds thanks to SMS’ extensive automation. As SMS grows in popularity so too will the focus on the lack of compliance in this area, we are excited that our customers may face less scrutiny because of this innovative workflow approach.

Quick Fixes Take Just Seconds to Record

Demonstration of a quick fix of a valve case seal. The documentation of the leak and repair can be performed in under 60 seconds