Device Compatibility

SMS is flexible and can run on any mobile device (iOS or Android phones and tablets) from 2017 onward


  • Runs on any mobile device (iOS or Android) and soon any Windows device
  • Automatically adjusts to any screen size from phones to laptops
  • Designed for smooth operation even on low-cost mobile devices
  • Compatible with over 80% of current OS (operating system) installations, meaning older devices still function well
  • A full-time internet connection is not necessary, internet is only required during sync
  • Dark and light modes of the SMS app are automatically supported based on OS selection

Compatible With Any Mobile Screen and Device

SMS was designed to work with any iOS or Android phone or tablet, including low-cost devices and legacy devices running iOS 11+ or Android 7+ (approximately all devices from 2017 onwards). Wide device compatibility allows SMS to be rapidly deployed to the field with the existing mobile devices you already manage, and allows users to utilize the device they’re most comfortable operating. Moreover, SMS provides the user with the exact same user interface no matter what mobile device or Windows device (coming soon) they utilize. By keeping the UI (user interface) consistent a single training regime works for all users and devices can be interchanged without regard.

SMS does not require a cellular device, any wifi enabled device is sufficient, as SMS is offline-first and all field work can be conducted without a persistent internet connection.

Works Best With Tablets but Still Great on Phones

Through years of fieldwork collecting data on well sites we have found the most efficient device to use is a 9″ – 10″ tablet. These devices are easy to work with while wearing gloves and offer the right trade off between screen real estate and weight; moreover, this is a common device size for intrinsically safe devices.

While tablets are best for efficiency, sometimes a phone is needed in a pinch and SMS does a great job of scaling the display to make phones effective. Check out the images below to see how SMS dynamically scales the UI to fit a tablet or phone.

Windows Coming Soon

Windows is the OS of business and as such we wanted to bring a Windows version of SMS to market; converting from a mobile-centric interface to a Windows-based one is not possible for all facets of SMS and as such we are currently exploring the best options. To date we have been able to successfully port over all features of the mobile app except for mapping and route planning, which we are dilligently working on.

Tablet Screenshot

Tablet version of the UI for comparison purposes with the phone version of the UI below

Phone Screenshot

Example of the same UI as above but on a phone

Dark Mode Screenshot

Using screens all day in varying light can be tiresome, that’s why we’ve enabled both light (seen above) and dark mode within SMS depending on your OS preference.

Example of the dark mode of Screening Made Simple on an Android tablet