Frankly we’re not afraid to admit that we’re more interested in spreading efficient cleantech than we are in making large profits. SMS has the ability to get leaks fixed faster on a more frequent basis and that’s something we’re proud of promoting. This means we are looking at entering into mutually beneficial arrangements with our clients which ensure SMS can make the most environmental impact while still maintaining our corporate health. Please contact us today for a quote.

Price Quote Request Form

    Number of Android device deployments

    Number of iOS device deployments

    Is Directive 060 training required?

    Number of field tag colors requested

    Is this a one-time payment or an annual subscription?

    SMS is an annual subscription billable every 12 months with net 30 payment terms.

    Do all customers receive free product support?

    Thirty hours of telephone support are included per calendar year. Given that SMS is designed for simplicity we find that most users don’t require any support, however, if additional support is necessary during the year it is available at a reasonable cost.

    Is SMS sold in tiered plans like Basic and Pro?

    No, each copy of SMS is fully functional and any additional features introduced to all customers will be included in your version as well! There is never any need to upgrade your plan.

    What’s the pricing for custom module development within SMS?

    SMS is an extensible platform and will be continually updated with new features as requested by the majority of our clients.

    Additionally, custom modules can be developed for clients which remain specific and private to their version of SMS. Development of these modules is done on a case-by-case basis and we are happy to provide a competitive quote based on your needs.