Leak Assignments & Repair Prioritization

Assigning and prioritizing fugitive leaks reduces admin effort and ensures leaks are fixed faster, assigned leaks are “set and forget”


  • Automatic assignment of any fugitive leaks that require a repair within 24 hours
  • Leaks can be assigned to a repairman from any SMS leak listing, either individually or in bulk
  • A user’s assigned repairs are always accessible with one-click
  • Assignments can be made a repair priority by selecting high priority instead of the default normal priority
  • Assignments are easy to change at the tap of a button and notes can be left on the assignment for the repairman to better understand the repair
  • Repairmen are able to see who assigned them the repair in case further follow-up details are required

Leak Assignments Reduce Repair Effort

Assigning fugitive leaks to repairmen is one of the many ways SMS automates and removes redundant actions from the LDAR process. For instance, leaks that require a 24 hour repair are automatically assigned to the best repairman based on your preferences and assigning leaks in SMS reduces the need for any follow-up emails or phone calls.

Assigning leaks offers repairmen the freedom to address these leaks in the most efficient way. For example, a repairman can easily navigate to the Assignments screen, select all leaks assigned to them, and map the best route to take to begin repairs.

How Leak Assignments Work

While browsing leaks in SMS, Administrators can easily tap on the assignment button on each leak row and assign a repairman to that leak. If the Administrator wishes to assign multiple fugitive leaks at once, they can do so by selecting multiple leaks and then assigning them in bulk.

Once a leak is assigned the Administrator would then sync SMS to push the assignments to the central repository. When the assignee syncs down, their assignments will be updated to include any new assignments made since last sync. Assignees are able to see all repair assignments from the Assignment screen which is always just one click away. This screen includes all assigned leaks from all oil well sites as well as information on the repair priority, who assigned the leak to them, and any additional assignment notes the assignor feels is necessary to explain the repair appropriately.

Repairman Navigating to Their Assignments

Illustration of a Repairman opening their listing of assigned leaks to repair

Administrator Assigning Multiple Leaks

Example of an Administrator assigning two leaks to a Repairman at once

How Repair Prioritization Works

Repairmen can be given expectations on timeline by assigning a repair priority of high instead of the default normal priority in the Assignments editor dialog. Due to the specific nature of each fugitive repair, notes should be included (but are not mandatory) in all repair assignments which are set as high priority; this will prevent most (if not all) back-and-forth communication on a priority leak repair. Leaks which must be repaired in 24 hours to maintain compliance are automatically assigned to a repairman and the reason for the 24 hour requirement is detailed automatically in the assignment notes!

The priority assigned to a leak does not change its statutory repair due date, either 24 hours or 30 days from now. Assigned priority instead allows repairmen to better plan their daily repairs by deciding which repairs to tackle first based on the administrator’s wishes.

Administrator Assigning a High Priority Leak

Demonstration of an Administrator assigning a leak to a Repairman with a high priority and an explanatory note