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Calculate your Carbon Taxes in Seconds!

Calculate your Canadian carbon taxes effortlessly with the Carbon Tax Estimator app! Whether you’re a conscientious driver, a homeowner, or an intrigued taxpayer, this handy tool helps you estimate carbon taxes on vehicle fuel and natural gas usage with ease.

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How Carbon Taxes are Estimated on Vehicle Fuel:

  1. Choose your mode of transportation either motorcycle, car or truck/SUV.
  2. Select the fuel type applicable to the carbon tax (gasoline, diesel or e85).
  3. Enter the distance driven in kilometers each week.

Carbon tax estimates are calculated based on the current carbon tax rates, the average efficiency of your vehicle and fuel type, and the distance your vehicle is driven each year.

How Carbon Tax Cost is Estimated for Natural Gas Heating:

  1. Choose your province.
  2. Select the square footage of your home.

Average natural gas consumption rates for your province and house size are combined with the current carbon tax rates to arrive at an estimated range of carbon tax costs for the year.

Why Carbon Tax Estimator?

The Carbon Tax Estimator app helps you understand your carbon tax expense (and associated carbon footprint) by providing accurate estimations in 10 seconds or less!

Download Carbon Tax Estimator now and take the first step towards understanding and reducing your carbon taxes!

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